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The Matlab Club

In response to feedback, the City Graduate School at City, University of London launched "The Matlab Club" in November 2014. The Matlab Club is an open activity for postgraduate research students who are interested in developing their Matlab skills and expertise.

The objectives of The Matlab Club are:

  1. To develop the expertise of graduate students with Matlab, the fundamental software platform, which has become a de facto standard for programming in Academia and Industry.
  2. To create an academic environment where graduate students can discuss their research topics with other students as well as academics not directly in their research groups.
  3. To create an environment where graduate students can exchange their experiences about research, their research groups, City, University of London, and life in London and beyond.

The Club is coordinated by Dr Reyes-Aldasoro in the School of Mathematics, Computing Science and Engineering.

Further information on The Matlab Club is available here.