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  1. Researcher development
  2. Spring Graduate School 2014/15
  3. Postgraduate Research Symposium
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Postgraduate Research Symposium

5th annual Postgraduate Research Symposium 2015: Wednesday, March 25th 2015

The 2015 Research Symposium is a one-day event organised by LEaD in partnership with the City Graduate School. The event provides an opportunity for doctoral students to prepare for presenting posters and papers on their research at academic conferences. At the Symposium, students will present their research methodologies to a supportive audience, gaining invaluable experience and constructive feedback.

Purpose of the symposium

The research symposium has been designed to facilitate participation in sharing aspects of research in a conference environment prior to doing this externally. The focus of 2015 Symposium is on the presentation of either student's research methodology and the tools they plan to use with benefits and limitations or a reflection on those they have used with the benefits and limitations.


Prizes for this year's Symposium will be funded by the City Graduate School and City Future Fund. The best papers and posters will be awarded at the Symposium, with the prizes providing funding towards attendance at a national/international conference.