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  4. Entrepreneurial Starter-thon
  1. Researcher development
  2. 2015/16 Spring Graduate School
  3. Entrepreneurial Starter-thon
City Graduate School

Entrepreneurial Starter-thon

An interactive and hands-on introduction to the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship for doctoral students.

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What is it?

The Entrepreneurship Starter-thon is an action-orientated two and half day workshop programme for doctoral students who want to find out more about the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and develop key enterprise skills that are equally transferable to the world of work and academia.

The programme has been designed specifically to help doctoral students in two ways. Firstly it will provide a useful introduction to the latest business thinking, processes and terminology relevant to start ups and technology commercialisation. Secondly, it will help to cultivate a proactive mindset and the key 'soft skills' necessary to have impact and get things done whatever your goals or work setting.

Who is it for?

The programme is open to all doctoral students from Schools and at all stages of research study development.

All doctoral students and staff are invited to attend the pitch session on Friday to watch the presentations.

Why should I attend?

  • develop key enterprise skills; from creative thinking, to team working, presentation design and communication
  • learn how to take an idea and build a viable business model
  • cultivate a proactive 'can do' mindset
  • become more employable
  • do something new and have fun!

Who delivers it?

Paul Sturrock, Director of Slingshot Venture Development

Paul has spent his whole career leading the design and implementation of entrepreneurial strategy, or developing the capability of others to do so. He founded Slingshot Venture Development in 2001 and developed Simple Venture Design, an entrepreneurial toolkit which integrates creative tools such as Effectual Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Lean Startup with analytic ones.

Ben Mumby-Croft, Creative Director and Head of Marketing at One Ltd.

Ben is an experienced enterprise educator and marketing expert with a passion for helping student and graduate entrepreneurs to have great ideas, communicate them to stakeholders, and then put them in to practice to create and grow successful businesses.

Alex Elkins, Entrepreneurship Education Manager at City, University of London

Alex has a background in business development across higher education and the pharmaceutical industry. Alex is a strong believer in putting theory into practice and takes a hands-on approach to entrepreneurship. He is passionate about supporting student and graduate entrepreneurs through the process of developing ideas, solving problems, creating brands and communicating them to key stakeholders.

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