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Researcher development

In addition to the support you will receive within your School, we also offer institution-wide research related activities to contribute to your development as a researcher. The annual programme of research and enterprise development activities is kept under review and updated in response to feedback from research students and academic and research staff.

The programme aims to meet your needs at different stages in your research career. It also provides opportunities for you to interact with other research students across the institution, with early career researchers who have completed their research degree and with academic staff who are undertaking research at the forefront of their discipline.

The activities will enable you to:

  • present your research to your peers and obtain critical feedback on your research in a safe environment
  • acquire relevant research study skills including project management

Development and training for our researchers, from research students through early career research staff to more senior academic staff, is an important focus for City, University of London. As a research student you will have access to many of the events and activities provided for academic and research staff - these cover topics such as research ethics, sources of funding, entrepreneurship in a research context, literature and citation searching, managing references, using social media for research and networking and impact - but we also offer events tailored particularly to your needs.

Induction and training to meet your particular subject needs are provided by the local School and/or Academic Department or Faculty within which you are registered. You will find information about this provision within the School webpages and via your supervisor. You will also be invited to attend the annual institution induction event for research students which will introduce you to the research environment at City and the development opportunities addressing general and transferable research skills.

Each year City, University of London also holds Researcher Development Days which are kept under review and adapted in light of feedback from attendees. These bring together a substantial range of sessions into a one day conference format. The programme comprises individually bookable sessions addressing skills needed to be a successful researcher such as working effectively with your supervisor, bibliographic skills and writing for academic purposes, several plenary sessions including one addressing how research varies across disciplines, plus networking opportunities throughout the day.

We also hold a one-day research symposium in the spring of each year, following on from a successful first event in 2011. The aim of the symposium is to give research students the opportunity to present their work, via posters for those in their first and second years and presentations for those in the third or fourth year, and to gain peer feedback and support.

Many research students undertake some teaching for their School or Department during their studies. This is excellent experience as well as providing some income. Training for those who teach is particularly important and we offer two mechanisms to support this:

  • a mentoring scheme whereby you have the opportunity to observe an experienced, well-regarded teacher as well as being observed yourself;
  • attendance on the Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education module on our MA in Academic Practice.

We also provide a set of online research skills training modules which are designed to provide support at a time of your own choosing. They include video clips, simulations, informational text and quizzes. Group sessions to introduce these to research students are provided each year. The topics covered are:

  • Research Methods in the Arts and Humanities
  • Research Methods in Social Sciences
  • Research Methods in Sciences
  • Research Methods in Literature Review
  • Entrepreneurship in the Research Context: Entrepreneurial Motivation
  • Entrepreneurship in the Research Context: Opportunity Recognition, Creation and Evaluation
  • Entrepreneurship in the Research Context: Entrepreneurial Resources