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  2. Research degree opportunities and how to apply
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  1. Research degree opportunities and how to apply
  2. Types of Research Degree
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Types of Research Degree offered

City, University of London awards the following research degrees:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)
  • Doctor of Psychology (DPsych)
  • Doctor of Professional Practice (DPP)
  • Doctor of Practice and Services Development (DPSD)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Master of Musical Arts (MMA)
  • Master of Law (LLM) (by research)

The majority of research students will receive a PhD or MPhil in a broad subject, with their thesis title providing the main detail of the research topic pursued.

Structured PhD

The structured MPhil/PhD is tailored towards community and health care practitioners who want their research to directly inform and develop practice in their field of work. Candidates register for and pursue a programme of structured research study consisting of a variety of doctoral level components (which may include composition and performance) on either a part-time or full-time basis. The programme of study is separated into three distinct component parts (case study, literature review and research project) supported by a paper for publication and a framing narrative that draws the component parts together to cohere as a single thesis.

PhD by prior publication

City, University of London may also award the degree of PhD in an approved research degree title to candidates who have an existing body of publications which make an original and significant contribution to knowledge. The PhD by prior publication is open to holders of a degree from an approved university who are able to submit evidence of a body of published work of a suitable type and quality and who have the nomination of a member of City's professorial staff with whom they share a research interest. Please note that not all Schools will accept applications for PhD by prior publication - potential candidates should make enquiries with the relevant School before applying.

Professional doctorates

City, University of London recognises that the PhD - originally an apprenticeship for a research degree - is not always the best vehicle for professional development. City offers professional doctorates of Doctor of Psychology (Counselling) and Doctor of Psychology (Health). These awards fulfil the requirement for study at the highest practice-focused level and are the equivalent academic standard of a traditional doctorate. A professional doctorate at City, University of London differs from the UK professional doctorate model in that it is not a taught doctorate. The emphasis is on developing a thesis that contains one or more reflective accounts of case study work, a critical review of literature, the main research area and a dissemination artefact and plan. The range of assessed elements represents the development of high-level skills pertinent to practice development and professional leadership.

Higher doctorates

City, University of London may also award the degrees of Doctor of Science (DSc), Literature (DLitt), Music (DMus) or Laws (LLD) to candidates who have distinguished themselves through their published contributions. Candidates for the award must hold a City degree or be members of academic staff with at least three years' service.