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  2. Research degree opportunities and how to apply
  3. Making An Application
  1. Research degree opportunities and how to apply
  2. Making An Application
City Graduate School

Application Process

Before submitting a formal application to undertake a research degree at City, University of London, you are advised to explore the research expertise of our academic colleagues at City beforehand to find out whether the institution can support your proposed research study. Exploring our research expertise beforehand will enable you to identify potential supervisors for your proposed research study more easily.

The profiles and research interests of our academic colleagues are available for you to explore, where you will also find the relevant contact details of our academic colleagues and with whom you can discuss your proposed area of research. You can expect to have some further informal discussion about your research proposal, in particular with the member of academic staff who may be best placed to offer you supervision.

In addition to clarifying whether we have the right expertise and facilities to support you, we need to make sure that you will be capable of succeeding in the very challenging process of completing a doctoral thesis.

Once this has been confirmed, you will need to submit a formal application to us. You will find details of the application procedure and any other documentation needed on the relevant pages in the School or Department within which you are intending to study.

Instructions to referees

Thank you for your contribution to our admissions process; reports from academic referees are a vital part of our information gathering about applicants for Research Degrees. In your testimonial, please focus your report on the following issues:

  • Give evidence of the applicant's capacity to undertake high quality research in their chosen field
  • Explain any particular features of the applicant's prior training that you consider to be of particular importance
  • Comment on the applicant's determination and motivation for studying for a research degree
  • Rank the applicant both by reference to their MSc cohort, and by reference to other PhD candidates in your experience
  • Indicate whether or not the applicant has discussed their research interests with you prior to applying to City
  • Comment on the applicant's honesty and integrity.