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Advice from graduates

The Ask Alumni database allows you to contact current and past students (known as graduates or alumni) of City who have agreed to act as Alumni Mentors.

Ask Alumni allows you to contact current students and graduates of City for e-mentoring. For example, you can contact alumni who are working in your intended industry or for a company for which you would like to work, allowing you to enhance your professional network and gain top tips for professional success.

Our Ask Alumni graduates are volunteers who have agreed to be available to be contacted by both current students and other City alumni. This ranges from providing general advice by email and over the telephone to work shadowing, dependent on the availability of the volunteer. Please be aware that the main objective of Ask Alumni is to provide advice and information, not jobs.

Some of the things you could ask an alumni are:

  • What skills and experience are necessary to be successful?
  • What are the major issues affecting the sector/field at the moment?
  • What are the most satisfying aspects of the job?
  • What is a typical day like?
  • What additional experience/training would be beneficial to get into the field?

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