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Gradvantage - in partnership with Santander internship funding for SMEs

Gradvange is an employability programme which works with students from BAME and underrepresented backgrounds

Gradvantage offers careers guidance and employability support to a targetted group of final year students. On successful completion of the programme the students will be offered the opportunity to apply for exclusive internships offered by SME employers once they have finished their studies in June. Therefore, internships can commence from the end of June throughout the summer. These internships can be part funded by the Santander SME Internship Funding.

Eligible students

This year we have funding for 23 eight-week internship opportunities with final year undergraduate students who gain a place on the GradVantage Programme across:

  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

The recruitment process

  • Use the application form to send us details of the internship you'd like to offer.
  • Participating employers will recruit an intern from the pool of GradVantage final year undergraduate students
  • Participating employers will either form part of a ‘Talent Bank’ or attend a Speed Recruitment Session (see below) as part of the Gradvantage Programme.
  • The SME must sign the Funding Agreement in order to be allocated funding. The SME then processes the funding through its own payroll and employ the intern.
  • City University will arrange interviews and assist you with offers.
  • The intern will be paid by the SME. The SME will invoice City at the end of the internship for the funding it is entitled to.

How can you sign up?

The application form for Summer 2020 internships coming soon.

For more information please contact Lydia Hughes on +44 (0)20 7040 4684 or email if you would like to participate in the programme.

Santander Funding

Santander SME Internship Funding

As a partner of Santander Universities, City can provide small and medium-sized enterprises with funding and recruitment support for summer internships.

City is part of the Santander Universities network and therefore eligible to participate in the internship programme which aims to create around 2,000 internships for university students and graduates.

Santander Universities support towards employability and in 2012 they launched the SME Internship Programme by our Group Chairman, Ana Botin, to date the programme has supported over 10,000 internships, many of which lead to further employment. They have an aspiration that in 2020, 80% of students receiving our internships will be from a widening participation background with 75% gaining further employment with the SME they have their internship with.

The Santander Universities SME Internship Programme is an entrepreneurial internship programme that provides recent graduates paid work experience over the summer with local businesses. The programme enables participating local businesses to recruit final year students and recent graduates from City to undertake valuable work experience.

Funding details

  • Santander contributes £184.63 per week towards each internship and the SME must also contribute £184.63 per week – so the candidate is paid £369.25 per week (based on 35 hours) minus payroll and tax contributions up to £1,477. This is reflective of the London Living Wage (£10.55 per hour).
  • The SME must have a turnover of less than £50m and have fewer than 250 employees.
  • Internships are open to recent graduates from City
  • Internships must be for between 4 to 8 weeks in duration
  • Internships are part (50%) funded by Santander
  • A maximum of two internships per SME is allowed during the academic year (September to August).
  • Internships can be extended beyond 8 weeks or converted into permanent employment and funded fully by the SME employer
  • For the full terms and conditions please click here.

Speed Recruitment

Gradvantage Speed Recruitment Event

When: Thursday 11th June 2020

Where: City, University of London

The aim of speed recruitment is for you to meet with group of our final year students who are looking from a summer internship. You will meet each student for a quick-fire informal chat in a session hosted and organised by the careers team here at City University.

How it works

  • You will meet up to 10 students on a one to one basis (numbers are approximate)
  • Rotations will last no longer than 4 minutes
  • Informal networking will take place once the formal speed recruitment session has taken place.
  • Refreshments will be provided
  • From there you have the opportunity to offer an internship or invite a student(s) for a further interview at a later date.
  • Internships can start from Mid-June 2020

Gradvantage Speed Recruitment is suitable for SME employers interested in hiring students from the following courses:

  • Law
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Economics

STEM Talent Bank

STEM Talent Bank

The aim of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Talent Bank is to match SME employers specifically looking to hire graduates with technical skills and knowledge for summer internships.

How it works

  • Send us a technical job specification which is suitable for a graduate internship
  • Your internship will be advertised from June 2020 specifically to STEM final year students from the Gradvantage Programme
  • Students apply to internships they are interested in by uploading a CV and Cover Letter.
  • A Gradvantage Coordinator will send you applications, arrange interviews for you and manage the recruitment process
  • Internships can start from mid-June 2020