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Consultancy Projects

Offer a consulting project to students on the BSc (Hons) Management degree.

Applied Systems Thinking Module Client Projects

Cass Business School is one of the top UK and European business schools and was ranked No 1 in London by the Guardian University Guide in 2016 for Business, Management, Accounting and Finance. The BSc (Hons) in Management provides a sound basis for any career where research and analytical skills are required to support management decision making. Students study Systems Thinking as a core module in their 1st and 2nd years and put this into practice in the first term of their final year.

Students are split into groups of 4 or 5 and undertake projects related to real business issues for clients using the tools provided by systems thinking. Students work as a multi-disciplined team of young consultants responsible to a senior consulting partner, played by the Module Tutors, who are all experienced interim managers or consultants themselves. The student consultants are responsible for:

  1. Making contact with the client, taking the brief and keeping in touch throughout the assignment.
  2. Designing a solution to the client’s problem using systems thinking approaches.
  3. Preparing a formal written report for the client.
  4. Making a formal presentation to the client.

Client Requirements

With the assistance of the senior partner (Module Tutor),clients are asked to:

  • Identify a project or projects which can realistically be completed by a team of final year students in 8 weeks from October to early December.
  • Appoint a single point of contact for the consultants for the duration of the project. This person should be able to give the initial brief and answer occasional queries on points of fact, style or interpretation and give guidance where required.
  • Assess the quality and usefulness of the final presentation.
  • Make a qualitative assessment of the final report.

Ideally the project should be challenging, ambitious and involve multiple stakeholders who are available to be interviewed by the consultants. It is however accepted that this may not always be possible and any project related to a real business problem could be suitable.

The final report becomes the property of the client which will hopefully be used for business advantage.

Recent Projects

Recent projects have included:

  • Advising a media business on developing a new business model
  • Design of a remuneration system for a financial services company
  • Ways of increasing membership for a modern London livery company
  • Generation of ideas for sustainable revenue for a start-up company
  • Re-positioning of a moribund charity
  • Analysis of the market and way ahead for a professional body
  • Investigation of the glass ceiling for women in an organisation

If you have any projects which meet the above criteria and would be of benefit to your organisation please contact Mona Vadher at or on 0207 040 4682 or Dr Ian Daniell at or on 07967 688720 for an informal discussion.