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Panel events

Our panel events are designed in collaboration with our academic departments and aim to promote certain sectors and career paths to a large audience of students.

Events held during the autumn term are extremely popular with students and employers alike.

Panel events scheduled so far for Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 are listed below.

Event TitleDateTime
Introduction to Careers in Investment Banking5th October 20206pm - 7:30pm
Discover Options with a Mathematics Degree8th October 20206pm - 8pm
Discover Options with an Engineering Degree 19th October 20206pm - 8pm
Introduction to a Careers in Consulting19th October 20206pm - 7:30pm
Round Table Session: Explore Life as an Actuary19th November 20206pm - 8pm
Explore Opportunities in Finance and AccountingNovember 20206pm - 8pm
Discover Opportunities in Government, Economics and PolicySpring 20216pm - 8pm
Discover Options with a Technology Degree Spring 20216pm - 8pm
Explore Options with a Law DegreeSpring 20216pm - 8pm
Explore Options in Media, Publishing and Advertising IndustriesSpring 20216pm - 8pm
Explore Opportunities in Cyber SecuritySpring 20216pm - 8pm
Discover Options with a Criminology and Sociology Degree
Spring 20216pm - 8pm
Discover Options with a Psychology DegreeSpring 20214.30pm - 6.30pm
Explore Opportunities in Politics and International PoliticsSpring 20216pm - 8pm
Surviving or thriving: Mental health awareness in the workplaceSpring 20211pm - 3pm
LGBT+ Workplace Equality: Increasing InclusionSpring 20216pm - 8pm
International Women's Day: Successful Women in the WorkplaceSpring 2021 1pm - 3pm

If you would like to participate in any of our panel or round table events, please contact the Employer Engagement Team at