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Employer workshops aim to prepare students to make the transition from education to work, covering all aspects of the selection and recruitment process.  Workshops should cover the skills that are most valued by employers, how students can demonstrate and reflect on their skills, and how to articulate their experiences clearly during recruitment.

Delivering a workshop with learning outcomes will also help raise brand awareness and increase the number and calibre of students applying to your opportunities.

If you would like to host a skills workshop please complete and submit an enquiry form HERE.

If you wish to discuss this option in more detail please get in touch with the Employer Engagement team.

Workshop package

City charge a nominal admin fee to host workshops on campus. We are also keen to know how competitive City students and alumni are in the graduate labour market so that we can continue to support our students' career aspirations as best we can. We are therefore interested to know of any historical recruitment data you might have pertaining to City students; if you are able to share anonymous City recruitment data with us you will receive a 50% discount off hosting a workshop.

Workshop with recruitment data provided: £50+VAT

Please note, this option is for those who have previously recruited from City and can provide anonymous recruitment data relating to some of the following:  - Number of applications received  - Data relating to candidates' performance during the various stages of your recruitment process  - Number of successful hires. We also highly welcome anonymous national student recruitment data.

Workshop without data: £100+VAT

Please note, this option is for those who do not hold any recruitment data and are unable to comment on recruitment of City students and alumni. We would be happy to discuss ways in which we can assist you to hold this data.

This service includes:

  • Hiring a lecture theatre or reception room to fit your needs
  • AV equipment.
  • Extensive promotion and marketing of your event via email alerts and posters
  • Social media promotion through our Twitter and Facebook platforms
  • The opportunity to write a blog about your organisation for our Careers blog
  • Operating an online sign-up sheet (monitoring attendance)
  • Feedback assessment from students - please note that this service is only available on request.

Dates and times

It is advisable to hold your presentation or workshop during the Autumn Term (October - late November) or Spring Term (January - March), when final year students are actively searching for career opportunities. Most presentations take place either in the evening (6-8pm) or during lunchtime (12-2pm), preferably from Monday to Thursday.

Please note that we always try not to have more than one recruiter from the same sector running a presentation at the same time.


We have a range of venues across campus sites available to accommodate your needs. Due to licensing laws it is not always possible to have a presentation and reception in the same room, if you intend to hold one. Please note that some rooms are not open for external/commercial use, and we advise you to contact us to ensure that a suitable room is available for your event.

Audio visual equipment

We offer an extensive range of modern AV equipment. The majority of our venues include an internet-connected, audio-enabled resident PC with a data projector with laptop input, controlled from the classroom podium, or ‘pod’.

The 'pod' has the following features:

  • A Windows PC
  • A Sympodium (a PC screen/interactive pen display)
  • A visualiser (a camera which sits over a flat surface on which you place an object whose image/video can be projected on screen)
  • VGA/network cables for laptop connection
  • A DVD/VHS player
  • An audio cassette deck
  • A Crestron touch-control panel which controls the transition between the components of the Pod (resident PC, laptop, visualiser, DVD, VHS and audio tape).

The visual output from each pod is normally displayed via a data projector onto a screen, or in some rooms it is output onto a large plasma TV. All pods are also connected to wall speakers. Pods in larger rooms include microphones and webcams.

Flipchart stands, pads and pens are also available on request.


You have the option of holding a reception during or after the presentation to get the chance to talk more informally with students and answer their queries.

Catering is exclusively prepared by our in-house Catering Service, offering a large variety of hospitality menus.

We recommend that you contact a member of our Employer Engagement team to order catering, as they will be able to advise you on the best option for your specific event.

Promotion and marketing

All events are advertised on our Careers webpages, CareersHub (online careers portal) and through social media. In addition, we will send email shots to all students or targeted student groups and can also arrange for your own posters and leaflets to be distributed around busy campus areas.

On the day of your on-campus presentation, there will be a member of the Careers staff present to help you. A booking contract will be sent out once the dates and your requirements have been confirmed. Invoicing normally occurs after the event has been held.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Please note that all cancellations made within a month of the event due to take place will be liable for the full cost + VAT. By submitting the booking form you agree to the terms and conditions as stated HERE