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Recent Graduates

City graduates can use the Careers Service for three years after completing your studies. We can help you find your first job, progress in your career, or make a change.

Are you heading into work or still looking for your first post-study role? City's Careers Service is still here for you.

Support is available to you for up to three years after you complete your course. Finding work can be a job in itself, as can trying to decide what to do next. Below you'll find the practical support we offer you with your job hunting and decision-making, include advice, information and tips to help you kick start your job search.

Finding a job

If your objective is to find a job in the UK, whether you are just starting out or have already tried and not yet been successful, don’t rush and send out hundreds of applications. Step back and give yourself some thinking time. If you need help, the support of CityCareers is tailored to your personal situation or the strategy you have chosen to adopt.

Succeeding in your first role

Have you been offered a place on a graduate scheme or a professional role with a company that you're excited about?  You've passed the first hurdle!  A graduate scheme or full-time professional role can be a very different experience than university and your previous internships, placements or part-time work.  We have resources to help you make the most of your first job.

  • Book a one-to-one appointment with our Careers Consultants.  We can help you navigate the working world so you can make the most of your first role.

Developing a career plan

Research shows that having a good idea what you want to do and a targeted approach to applications is the biggest factor in achieving a graduate or professional level role.  Even if you've already got an offer or are in a job now, having a career plan will help you make the most of your current role and prepare for future opportunities.

You may be thinking about progressing in your current organisation, moving to a higher level role within your field in a new organisation, or making the case for promotion or a pay rise.  You will improve your chances of success If you can show that you've made an impact and you have an idea what your next step might be.

Making a career change

Changing career has become the new normal. It is rare now to have a single ‘career’ spanning a lifetime of work. There are many reasons for considering a change. You may:

  • Want to change - because you are dissatisfied with your current job/ career or have discovered a career direction you would prefer to take
  • Need to change - because your previous career sector is shrinking or disappearing
  • Have the opportunity to change - because new circumstances give you the freedom to move in a different direction

You may have chosen your new career direction and then embarked on your current or recent studies with that focus. Alternatively, you may have chosen your studies first and are now considering possible options, in which case it’s a good time to consider what you want from your next career move.

  • Read our Advice for Career Changers guide.
  • Book a one-to-one appointment with our Careers Consultants to discuss your options.  We can help you inventory your skills and experience, define your transferrable skills, and identify careers pathways that are in line with your goals.

Going on to further study

If you go on to study at City, we're still here for you during your postgraduate course and for three years after.  If you go on to study somewhere else, you should be able to use your new university's careers service, but you can also still come to City's Careers Service for three years after completion of your City degree.

If you haven't decided yet, we can help you think about whether further study is right for you.