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Community volunteering

We offer support to all students and recent graduates who are interested in volunteering. We also support students to realise their own volunteering project ideas.

People volunteer for all sorts of different reasons, whether it's because they want to broaden their experience, learn new skills or develop existing ones, make a difference in the community or simply have fun.

Whatever your reason, we aim to guide you to an experience that fits with your needs and we will provide you with opportunities to reflect on what you are learning, develop you as a volunteer and recognise the contribution that you are making.

Please Note: Our volunteering brokerage system located at is currently offline as we transition to a new system over the coming weeks.  The system will remain out of service through September 2018, with re-opening expected near the beginning of October 2018.

We will be in touch with existing volunteers and organisations to provide the opportunity to re-register for volunteering, public interest, and pro bono opportunities within our new system.

In the meantime, any questions about volunteering can be directed to Community Volunteering Officer, Ben Robinson at