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Industry Insight Programme

The Industry Insights Programme gives City students exposure to a range of industries and sectors that interest you. You may wish to explore industries directly related to your degree or simply because you have a genuine interest to explore different sectors within other industries.

Did you know that only 50% of all UK graduates are working in a field related to their degree after leaving university?

The Industry Insight Programme will help you improve your skills and find out more about multiple sectors and employers in an external setting.

Apply for an Industry Insight if you want to:

  • Broaden your knowledge of industries and related sectors
  • Gain confidence to approach professionals with questions about working in their roles
  • Begin to develop your professional network
  • Gain application and interview practice
  • Help inform your future academic progression and career choices
  • Further your professional development

Guidelines and FAQs

Who is the programme open to?

The Industry Insight Programme is open to all current students. Students from Widening Participation backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

What is a typical Industry Insight?

  • Industry Insights are a series of year-round off-campus events with mainly large companies from a variety of different sectors, such as finance, law, engineering, IT, media, retail, health, not-for-profit and public sector.  We will source opportunities to meet the needs and expectations of City’s diverse student population.
  • A single Industry Insight can last a half-day to a full day.
  • The company will host a group of students at their premises with a structured insight day to learn about the company, sector and the different roles and opportunities available.
  • The structure of the day may include an introduction by the host, a tour of the company’s offices, a company presentation with a Q&A opportunity, workshops and insight meetings with key staff members.
  • When does the programme start?

    Industry Insights will take place throughout the entire academic year. Whilst we aim to source industry insights to cater for all schools and represent all sectors, please be aware that the insights planned and the number of available spaces will depend on the availability and capacity of the host company.

    How will students be selected for an opportunity?

    Students have to complete a three-stage application process:

    1.Answer a set of competency-based questions via a company-specific application form setup on CareerHub. These questions are designed to establish your motivations for applying for an Industry Insight and will demonstrate your existing level of commercial awareness and knowledge of the company and the industry. You will be expected to tell us how you would benefit from the insight day.

    2. Students who are successful in their application phase will enter the second stage. The second stage is a chance for the Insight hosts to review the students who have applied and shortlist those who they would like to invite to the Insight Day. The second-stage will differ depending on the host. Some examples of what a second-stage could be: CVs, phone interviews, competency questions etc.

    3. Students who are shortlisted will be asked to attend a group preparation session with the Employer Engagement team at City to discuss how to prepare for the insight day, and assess your level of commitment, motivation, and enthusiasm with being accepted onto an Industry Insight. Names of students confirmed for an Industry Insight will be passed on to the host contact at the company.

    Successful students should remember they are ambassadors for City University of London and go well prepared for the day. You will be emailed the full joining instructions for the Insight opportunity you are confirmed on.

    Students who are disabled, have a mental health condition or a specific learning difference (SpLD), or any other access needs or requirements, are able to request reasonable adjustments from the Employer Engagement team with regard to this application process.

    While it may not be possible to meet all requirements or fulfill all requests, we will make every effort to ensure the accessibility of this process, and to seek appropriate advice from expert services (Learning Success and Student Counselling and Mental Health) where this would be beneficial to students.

    If you would feel supported in completing your application by the introduction of some reasonable adjustments, then please contact the Careers team to discuss this further.

    Can I apply for more than one Industry Insight?

    There is no limit to the number of Industry Insights you can apply for.  If you are not selected for a particular opportunity there will be others in the same sector, and students are strongly encouraged to apply for multiple opportunities.

    I have missed the deadline, can I still apply?

    No, applications will not be accepted after the deadline for each Insight.

    When will I hear back about my application?

    You will hear back from the Employer Engagement Team shortly after the Insight deadline date has passed. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so early applications are encouraged.

    Will my travel and lunch expenses be covered?

    Host companies will not be asked to cover your travel or lunch expenses but may offer to do so.

    Where will the Industry Insights take place?

    Most Industry Insights will be sourced within the Greater London area, but they may also be available with companies outside of London. If an Insight will take place outside London you will need to consider your own travel arrangements before applying.