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Get a CityBuddy

Your own personal guide to studying at university.

Apply for a Mentor

Get a personal guide to studying your course with a Citybuddy Mentor

CityBuddies matches you with a current student on your course to help you settle in during the first months of university. Your CityBuddy will be there to guide you around the University, show you all the activities that City has to offer and give you a valuable insight into studying on your course.

They will email you before you arrive to answer any questions you may have. Once you arrive, you can meet up with them and stay in contact for as long as you find helpful.

All undergraduate students are eligible to apply

Applications to get a CityBuddy are now open and will close when all available places are filled.

Boost your Confidence

You may be the first person out of your friends and family to attend university or you could be someone that doesn't know anyone studying at city already.  A Citybuddy Mentor will guide you through your first year and make you feel more comfortable , ensuring the best possibility for success. This is a great opportunity to not only gather tips and advice on your course, such as which book to buy and how to break down a module, but also to have someone there as a friend to ask for help when needed.

Gain Knowledge

Your subject choice may be completely new to you, or it could be that its been a while since you've taken an exam. Whatever course you choose to study, we match you with the best guide there is to get the inside knowledge you may need for a head start. You could also be new to the area, or be an international student living away from home. This opportunity will allow you to explore the best places to go out, how to get the best deals and where the local shops are, all by learning from someone who has experience.

Apply for a Mentor