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Recognising student achievement

We celebrate our students' success in volunteering, widening participation and buddy programmes.

2016 Widening Participation Outreach Award Winners

City’s Widening Participation Outreach team organise a range of events and initiatives for young people to help them make well informed decisions about their future.

Through initiatives like tutoring, mentoring and taster weeks, the team work with around 7,000 pupils aged between 9 and 18 every year, targeting more than 200 local schools and colleges. The awards, held at City during June, rewarded the students and staff who contribute to this area of work.

Tutor of the Year

Hebah Siam (BSc Psychology)
Hebah has worked with over five different schools and has received high praise from the teachers at each school. She is imaginative when creating resources and takes all challenges in her stride. She genuinely cares about her pupils and their attainment, going above and beyond to create a learning environment within which they will excel. Hebah has also taken advantage of extra opportunities to for self-development, such as participating in tutoring interviews, and is always happy to provide constructive feedback and ideas on how the Scheme could improve.

UniMentor of the Year

Sara Karzun (BSc Radiography)
Sara was praised for helping students with not only their coursework, but also university courses, scholarships, apprenticeships and helping to field career questions. She opened minds gave her mentee confidence to pursue opportunities they would have never considered previously. Her mentee loved spending time with her, not only as her Unimentor but also as her friend.

Most Improved Widening Participation Student Ambassador

Mussa Yousef (BEng Engineering with Management & Entrepreneurship)
Mussa was nominated because of his commitment, understanding and belief in the value of widening participation. He has a popular presence with students and an ability to engage easily with them.  Coming from a similar background as many of our participants allows Mussa to understand the concerns many students have about moving into higher education.  This was illustrated in the work he undertook for the WP Team for the Access HE online project. He gave an interview explaining his journey to City and what the experience of meant to him. He provided an enthusiastic, passionate and engaging response, delivered in a way that students from Widening Participation backgrounds could relate to.  In doing so, he provided value to the project as a whole.

Student Ambassador of the Year

Jasmine Sookprechar (BSc Computer Science)
Jasmine is known for hard work, enthusiasm and constant willingness to go above and beyond what is required of her. She uses her initiative to ensure events run smoothly spotting issues that arise and resolves them. She goes out of her way to be reliable and professional, presenting a friendly face for the visiting students and speakers.

Student Workshop of the Year

Nicole Nasr (MSc Counselling Psychology)
Nicole’s ability to manage a class is impressive. She has been able to keep even 'difficult' groups engaged and attentive. She has tailored her workshop to suit different age groups and subject focuses, is open to new ideas and flexible with her time. She is a pleasure to work with!.

Outstanding Staff Contribution to Widening Participation

Dr Lauren Knott (Lecturer, Psychology)
Dr Knott has provided several engaging workshops for a variety of WP events. She works tirelessly to ensure that these workshops are relevant for our participants.  These students always leave her workshops discussing new ideas showing they have a better understanding of the study of psychology.Her ideas reflect the aims of the WP team and she goes above and beyond to provide a realistic idea of what university is like.

External Service Provider of the Year

Chris White (Aspiring Solicitors)
Chris has supported our Law Masterclasses for the past 3 years and has been consistently one of the most popular and inspirational speakers across any WP event.  He comes from an underrepresented background, which means our students easily identify with him.  His story is one students look up to.  You can see that while he’s speaking, their aspirations are raised, they are motivated and, after hearing his journey, they feel like they can beat the odds, break down barriers and achieve their true potential.

Community Volunteering Awards

On 30th March 2015, the Community Volunteering Awards recognised outstanding achievement in Volunteering by City students.

  • Over the course of the evening, seven awards were presented to students in recognition of their contributions to the local community and achievements over the past year. Gold, silver and bronze prizes were also awarded to recognise the number of hours volunteering undertaken.
  • Since September 2014, more than 14 weeks (2,375 hours) of volunteering have been completed by volunteers at City and almost 600 students have signed up to volunteering projects and schemes.

Congratulations to the 2015 Volunteering Award winners!

Best New Volunteer

Councillor for Clerkenwell, Cllr Raphael Andrews also attended the awards ceremony where he presented the prize for Best New Volunteer. The award went to MBA student Kelsie Langley for her work as a Community Fundraiser and Volunteer Assistant at St John’s Hospice in St John’s Wood.

Volunteer of the Year

The ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award went to law student Siobhan Tatum for her work as a mentor and advocate for young people who find themselves in the criminal justice system. Siobhan has spent a significant amount of time monitoring the treatment of detainees, advocating for improvements in custody settings and supporting young people who have been detained.

Outstanding Achievement in Volunteering

Chiinthu Sarvanthan won ‘Outstanding Achievement in Volunteering’ for her work with the Enfield Nahapooshani Temple, where she teaches dance to children, organises an annual dance competition and assists during the Temple’s festival season.

Leadership in Volunteering

Ken Hy won the award for ‘Leadership in Volunteering’. Throughout the year, Ken organised several wildlife conservation projects and inspired many of his fellow classmates to get involved, significantly increasing student engagement in the project.

Project of the Year

Secret Santa organised by Diana Cleves-Martinez won the ‘Project of the Year’ award. The project, that ran throughout December last year, saw students and staff donating unwanted toys to give to children living in poverty in Islington.

Team Player

Valentina Aronica won the ‘Team Player’ award in recognition of her work at a care home where she has provided assistance to the elderly, particularly those suffering from dementia, for more than two years.

Most Volunteer Hours Logged

Hamed Jabarkhail won an award for logging the most volunteering hours, having completed 207 since September. He was also highly commended in the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ category for his unpaid work as a Community Police Officer.


Geoffrey Safar, Chemara Dennis, Irina Ivanova, Hanish Chavda, Christina Katsouli, Ivy Jiatong Liu, Synove Knudsen and Julia Drahoss were highly commended for their volunteering efforts.