Cambridge Spies - The Guy Burgess Files
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Cambridge Spies - The Guy Burgess Files


FBI Transcript

Guy Burgess Tape - FBI Transcript-page 2This FBI transcript details almost all of the Burgess recording, except for a short incoherent preamble by Burgess at the beginning of the tape:

Burgess: "I am. Yes, I won't take any notice of you at all. I am now recording... I'm not in the least shy. I-I'm extremely tired."

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FBI Memo

Guy Burgess Tape - SAC NY Memo to J Edgar Hoover about Burgess Tape-page 1In August 1951, shortly after Burgess's defection to Moscow, the FBI became aware of the recording that Burgess had made in New York with his friend Norman Luker.

The memo, which was sent by the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) in New York to J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the FBI, outlines the contents of the tape and conversations that the SAC had with Norman Luker.

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City academics' first play of Guy Burgess tape

Other resources

Michael Crick announced the discovery of the Burgess tapes in an exclusive report on Channel 4 News on Friday 17th January 2014. The story was also covered by the BBC Online, TV & Radio, Sky News and appeard on The Conversation.

An Englishman Abroad
Alan Bates in John Schlesinger's 'An Englishman Abroad'. The true story of Australian actress Coral Browne who met Guy Burgess in Moscow.

The Turning Point
A dramatisation of the meeting between Winston Churchill and Guy Burgess. Written by Michael Dobbs and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Burgess and Matthew Marsh as Winston Churchill.

The only newsreel film of Burgess (black and white and silent)

The BBC's microsite on the Cambridge spies