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Business services

Commercial opportunities

The commercialisation team seeks to offer businesses the opportunity to take part in the development of technologies that can provide added value in a wide range of industries and sectors including engineering (aeronautics, mechanical, electronic and sensors), health care, ophthalmology and informatics.

Businesses are invited to tap into the strong pipeline of research created at City, University of London. And we invite investors to consider the potential for investment in innovative and unique commercial opportunities that have been developed from research projects at various stages of maturity.

Working with us, businesses can get the opportunity to accelerate their growth and expand their own services through intellectual property licensing, joint ventures and other forms of collaboration.

What we can offer

  • IP Licensing - Speed up your business's innovation by purchasing a licence to exploit the results of our academic work
  • Spin-outs - We have a varied portfolio of spin-out companies. Through these companies research discoveries are developed into commercial products and services, creating economic and social benefits.

City Enterprise Accelerating Innovation