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Made@City 2018 - Sneak Peek

Who will be at Made@City?

This year at Made@City you will find an eclectic ensemble of exhibitors!

Whet your appetite before the main event have a look over the projects you will see there:

  • Caitlin Harragan, with How to Insert And Remove Contact Lenses,
  • Mia Alexander, with Yaw Control System Development for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines,
  • Ana Cueva, Pamela Grundel, Andrew Haynes, Pascal Rota, with V-Arena,
  • Ahsan Ali, with Utilisation of Cloud Computing In Formula 1 to Enhance Fan Experience,
  • Joshua George, Luv Seewoosurran, Tilak Pindoria, Natalia Kujawka, Devante Kumar, Armarni Bashorun, with Bloomsbury Image Processing Laboratory,
  • Sai Uppinakuduru, with Photo Shop Management Service,
  • Mohamed Farah, with Teaching Empathy by Simulated Practice in Optometry,
  • Christopher Andrews, with Genetic Algorithm Driven Artificial Intelligence in Simulation Video Games,
  • Ludovico Tessari, Lorenzo Batignani, Anxhelo Zylyftari, Ludovico Tessari, Omer Tariq, with Unicorn Electrics,
  • and Olianna Gonzalez, Wendi Lai, Rodrigo Camino, Muhammad Humza Tanveer, with Londbrella.

Also participating, Family and Friends of the Launch Lab:

  • Gina Dorodvand, Hawaa Budraa, with Onaria Technologies,
  • Sabine Opris, Elena Sokolova, with Tryatec,
  • Nicolò Portunato, Tomaso Portunato, Lucas Weintraub, with Platform,
  • and Mariam Marinescu, with Hanna’s Orphanage.