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CitySpark Workshops

What is it?

The CitySpark Workshops series is a 5-week workshop programme for student and graduate entrepreneurs who want to develop, test, and improve their business ideas prior to entry in the CitySpark Grand Final in Spring 2020 and increase their chances of winning one of the 5 x £5000 awards.

Delivered on Wednesday afternoons from 2.00pm until 4.00pm, these lively and engaging workshops will introduce you to the tools you can use to and provide hands-on tips and advice for founders to validate their thinking, build a strong business case and work towards success in stage two of this year's CitySpark competition.


In each workshop we will introduce a tool or an exercise to help you build a strong understanding of all the key areas of your startup idea. We will then want you to work with us, using these tools, to build a strong base and a sturdy structure to build your business on.

Upcoming Workshops:

12th Feb - Defining the business opportunity & identifying customer needs | You can find the slides here

19th Feb - Determining the value proposition | You can find the slides here

26th Feb - Prototyping and building an MVP |

4th March - Building a brand and a marketing strategy

11th March - How best to fill in your CitySpark Entry form | Register Here


The workshops are a great way for those with business knowledge to reinforce their expertise but they are also a  really good stepping stone for those coming from different areas of study

Become part of the CitySpark Community and meet like minded student and alumni eager to start a business

Improve your business idea and aquire the information needed to build a strong business plan and improve your pitching skills

Improve your chances of winning one of the 5 x £5000 Awards in the CitySpark Grand Final!