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Entrepreneur Networks and Societies

Cass Entrepreneur Network

Cass Entrepreneurs' network (CEN) is a diverse and lively community of alumni, students, academics, business people and investors that provides members with a supportive forum of entrepreneurial expertise. Members can tap into the power of this network in many ways, from requesting help from successful entrepreneurs on the CEN committee to meeting potential key partners at our events.

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City Tech Society

City Tech Society is a student run community with a focus on engineering, entrepreneurship and having a great time! It's the student's plug for everything tech that happens at City, Tech City and beyond. We run hackathons, student-led technical workshops as well as hosting speakers from the technology industry. If you're a student and love tech, join our on line Slack community of over 100 students, where we keep everyone updated about all things tech. We run loads of events, so if you're a company and interested in sponsoring us, feel free to reach out.

Website: http://www.cityuni.tech/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/citytechsoc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/citytechsoc
Slack: https://citytechsoc.slack.com/signup


The unique thing about Enactus? You get to help people whilst improving your entrepreneurial skills simultaneously. You'll really make a difference by improving the lives of people in need. But what’s in it for you? Plenty. You work in a team creating innovative solutions to the problems people face. Not only does Enactus give you the platform to be as creative as you want but we have the resources to make your ideas a reality. With an array of: leading business professionals, university officials and Enactus alumni advising you, you’ll be able to devise even the most ambitious of business ideas. The skills that you’ll learn are the type that employers crave: teamwork, leadership, organisational skills… the list goes on!

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