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Twipes are environmentally sustainable, moist wipes on a plastic roll that can slide on to your existing bathroom toilet roll holder.

Briefly explain your business/business concept and the problem it aims to solve:

Over 14% of £9billion wet wipes market is purchases for use in the bathroom, because consumers feel unclean using just toilet paper. Yet, "flushable" and "disposable" wipes are just marketing gimmicks and these wipes just clog the drainage system in cities, are not environmentally friendly and some are actually bad for your skin!

Twipes are moist wipes on a plastic roll that slides on to your existing bathroom toilet roll holder. Twipes are anti-bacterial, alcohol free and paraben free, they don’t dry out and most importantly, each Twipe is 100% dispersible in water within 3 hours, unlike traditional “flushable” branded wipes that can take upto 12 months! This means that from the moment you flush, to the time it gets to the main waterworks, Twipes have broken down into its basic elements.

What stage is your business currently at, and what are your plans moving forward?

Twipes have been busy forming partnerships with eco-friendly bloggers & parent YouTubers, in the UK in preparation for our launch. These influencers will promote Twipes through their websites, videos and social media outlets.

If you want to sign up to receive samples, enter your email address at www.twipes.co.uk

What do you feel are your three biggest successes with your business so far?

  1. Winning the CitySpark startup competition
  2. Getting on to Mass Challenge Accelerator
  3. Signing a contract with manufacturing lab

How has being a student at City helped you to develop your idea?

The Entrepreneurial team at CityStarters are amazing. You've got your own incubator City Launch Lab, access to funding, business summer schools and just about everything we needed to get off the ground! I can't think of any other UK university that provides so much for startups!

What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurial students at City?

You should start your business whilst at Uni because students are more hungry and eager. Obviously you have more free time as a student than if you were full time employees. Also City, University of London offers loads of amazing support which we wouldn’t get if we were working full time rather than being students, so make use of all their facilities and events while you still can!