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Case studies


We created Popcord because our phones kept running out of battery.


WhereWolf picks your geo-location and fetches available fashion results from stores near you, in real-time.


PlaqueChecker is a digital dental check-up in the form of an app for mobile devices.


Rent the Canon EOS 7D, the DJI Mavic Drone, the Oculus Rift, and much more from £5.99.


VEVA is a going out app that helps Londoners to socialise at the City's best venues and tap hidden offers around them, on the day.

Wearth London

Wearth London is an E-commerce marketplace platform connecting consumers with independent sustainable and ethical UK brands.


Weavee helps people appraise their skills, abilities and personality using a unique algorithm able to show you your position within the industry.

Eat Safe

Eat Safe is a restaurant directory app that allows people with dietary restrictions to easily find new places to eat out that are safe for their diets


Kugali offers a single digital platform where users can discover African narratives.


Createwright is a boutique creative agency specialising in words and images.

Eat Chay

Indulgent vegan food. Veggies that blow your mind.


TripTalk is a new, intuitive app to record, store and share your adventures.

Student Circus

Student Circus is a job search portal for international students in the UK

Radiate B2B

Radiate B2B helps accelerate growth for B2B businesses.


JulieMay is a high-end lingerie brand that uses top natural materials