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Our Mission

CityVentures is the driving force for entrepreneurship at City, University of London. Comprised of services and facilities that help student startups, provide access to funding and conduct world leading research, our mission is to inspire, aid and champion City’s Entrepreneurs.

Through our range of bespoke programmes, events and services we aim to help students, graduates and the local startup community, start, launch and scale business ventures to achieve success and be the change.

The Team

Professor Caroline Wiertz - Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship
Cass Business School
email: C.Wiertz@city.ac.uk

Professor Costas Adriopoulos - Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship
Cass Business School
email: Costas.Andriopoulos.2@city.ac.uk

Alex Elkins - Head of Entrepreneurship
email: alex.elkins.1@city.ac.uk

Aurore Hochard - Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes at Cass Business School
Cass Business School
email: Aurore.Hochard@city.ac.uk

Marius Stancu - Enterprise Education Projects Officer
email: Marius.Stancu.1@city.ac.uk

Rui Barros Silva - Enterprise Education Projects Officer
email: Rui.Barros-Silva@city.ac.uk

Taylor Wong - Enterprise Education Projects Officer
email: Taylor.Wong@city.ac.uk

Simon Magness - City Launch Lab Manager
email: Simon.Magness@city.ac.uk

Elecia Du-Bissette - Startup Incubator Support Officer
email: Elecia.Du-Bisette@city.ac.uk

Helen Reynolds - Investment Director
Cass Entrepreneurship Fund
email: Helen.Reynolds@city.ac.uk

Linda Coyle - Investor
Cass Entrepreneurship Fund
email: Linda.Coyle@city.ac.uk

Olamide Ogunrinola - Portfolio and Investment Analyst
Cass Entrepreneurship Fund
email: Olamide.Ogunrinola@city.ac.uk