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Business services

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Our multi-disciplinary Research & Enterprise team fosters access for external organisations to the research, professional development, consultancy, enterprise and entrepreneurship activities of our academic community.

Karen Shaw Director of Research and

Research Support Services

Dr Claudia Kalay Head of Research Support Services
Dr Dilly Tawakkul Senior Manager - International Funding Programmes
Andrea Tinson Research Support Services Manager (SASS)
Talal Ous Research Support Services Manager (SMCSE)
Peter Ainsworth Research Support Services Manager (SHS)
Daniel Fisher Research Support Services Manager (Cass)
Peter Aggar Research Support Services Manager (SMCSE)
Sean Rowlands Research Support Services Officer (Law)

Knowledge Transfer

Dr Carol David Daniel Senior Management Consultant, IP & Commercialisation
Adebayo Ogunjimi Technology Transfer Consultant
Tia Khan IP & Commercialisation Consultant
Fay Kassaibawi IP & Commercialisation Consultant
Christina Gutierrez Business Development Manager (SHS)
Clare Avery Business Development Manager (Cass)
Caroline Sipos Business Development Manager (SASS/Law)
Graham Dransfield Business Development Manager (SMCSE)

Continuing Education

Bill Richardson Head of Continuing Education, Subject Course Co-ordinator (Creative Industries, Business & Law)
Dionysios Dimakopoulos Subject Course Co-ordinator (Computing)
Emily Pedder Subject Course Co-ordinator (Writing)
Agnes Shephard Covering Subject Course Co-ordinator (Languages)
Robert Lastman Course Administrator

Strategy & Compliance

John Montgomery Head of Strategy and Compliance
Anna Ramberg Research Governance & Compliance Manager
Malik Miah Research and Enterprise Contracts Manager
Alex Talbot Digital Content Officer


Aurore Hochard Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes
Alex Elkins Entrepreneurship Education Manager

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