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Business services

Consulting for Business

Add City’s world-leading academic expertise to your business.

What City experts can do for you and your business

Our academic staff have hands-on experience in many different industries and business functions. They can:

  • Help solve your technical and operational problems
  • Add subject matter expertise, including expert witness work and policy commentary and reviews
  • Help improve your understanding of the broader issues that affect your business, such as environmental impact and occupational hazard assessment
  • Provide analysis, measuring or testing, including computer modelling and testing, prototype testing
  • Help you explore new business directions with feasibility and scoping studies

You can define the project, including its length, to meet your business needs. Contact a Business Development Manager at City to explore your requirements.

Consultancy from academic experts

Our academic community has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that could benefit your organisation. Many of our staff are producing world-leading research and have successful track records in adding value to business, with commercial activities such as consultancy, contract research and analysis.

City’s academics are active nationally and internationally, producing research that’s highly regarded in fields including business, law, health sciences, arts & social sciences and mathematics, computer science & engineering.

Many contribute to public discussions through articles, conferences and media commentary. They advise governments, regulatory bodies and businesses through collaborations and consultancy work and engage with the commercial sector on professional practices.

Their expertise could support your next development.

Contact an academic expert at City

Collaborative or contract research from professional researchers

We design and develop research projects with private, public and third sector organisations. Partner with us on collaborative research projects that address your business needs. Or commission our experts to carry out a piece of contract research for you.

Either way, our experienced researchers will work closely with you, from creating the initial brief through to delivery of results.

Contact Research Support Services at City, University of London

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with government funding

"I was first attracted to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships because if you're a business owner, or a business that had a great idea but didn't quite know how to get it started within research and development, there was funding available to help you."
David Hunstone, Managing Director, Hub Productions Ltd

If you want to deliver a specific, strategic innovation project and so become more competitive and productive, consider a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with City.

A KTP is a project between an academic expert, a graduate, and a company looking to bring in new skills and the latest academic thinking. City already has a successful portfolio of KTP projects. We’re keen to help more businesses and the professions to innovate and grow, through KTPs.

KTPs are managed by Innovate UK, a public body sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

If your business is UK-based, you’re eligible to apply. You must be able to show you can support your matched funding contribution, as well as any additional costs your business might incur. Non-profit organisations are also eligible, as long as you can show a sufficient business case for wealth creation.

Our Business Development managers can explain funding, eligibility and suitable projects. Contact them