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Business services

Consultancy: Well-being at Work

Professor Jo Silvester and Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou from the Centre for Performance at Work were commissioned by Philips to undertake a research into the work environments that can best meet the needs of 21st century workers and ensure maximum levels of well-being and performance. The project team confirmed a strong association between lighting and work performance , including innovation and productivity, mediated by employee wellbeing.

The Challenge

Conduct thorough and extensive research that demonstrates the link and association between lighting and workplace environments, taking into account stress, behavioral patterns and well-being.

The Solution

Based on the research findings the team has recommended that companies should consider the need to invest in workplace lighting as a means to develop work environments that support well-being and performance and reduce the likelihood of employee stress, absenteeism and industrial accidents. Companies also need to adopt a holistic approach to health and well-being that identifies the needs of different employee groups and addresses them through a combination of company-wide and worker-centred initiatives.