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Business services

City Spin-out: Thomson Screening Solutions Ltd

Thomson Screening Solutions is a spin-out from City, University of London. The company was founded by Professor David Thomson whose team developed a solution for health screening in schools, which is set to revolutionise the detection and management of childhood vision and hearing problems in the UK and beyond.

The Challenge

It is estimated that at least 1 in 5 primary school children have a vision or hearing problem. Early detection and intervention in these cases can have a significant impact on the social and educational development of these children.

Vision and hearing screening in schools was introduced over 100 years ago and the system has provided a useful safety net. However, current methods are expensive or poorly implemented or not implemented at all and may lack sensitivity and specificity.

The Solution

Thomson Screening Solutions Ltd. is commercialising screening software that runs on a standard laptop and a cloud-based server system. The software manages the entire screening process.

It has been shown to be sensitive, specific and cost effective, greatly reducing the overheads of providing a comprehensive school screening service.

The company now employs a team of five and is set for rapid expansion over the next few years.