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Business services

The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy are dedicated to providing the highest quality of training and helping clients to enhance their skills in their industries.

The Background

As demand of courses increases year on year, organisations are starting to take training very seriously.

The Knowledge Academy, the largest international training provider, have identified this need and have enhanced classroom, online, and onsite training to become one of the market leaders.  They provide a huge variety of courses from project management to technical IT qualifications.

The Challenge

Help enhance project management skills of University students so that they can increase their career prospects.

The Solution

Deliver a high standard PRINCE2 Certification to City’s Masters Students. PRINCE2 (PRojects INControlled Environments) is one of the most popular project management methodologies in the world and is used by thousands of organisations globally. A recent survey from AXELOS has shown that the majority of people who have passed a PRINCE2 training course are looking for career progression and over 60% have said that the qualification has been valuable to their careers. The Knowledge Academy are proud to support the learning and development of students from City University of London and will continue this successful project in the future.