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KTP: The Printing Charity and City

Printers Charitable Corporation (PCC) sought to improve its organizational and marketing strategies. In order to do that and to reassess its strategic direction for the 21st century, the charity recruited City graduate Chun-Yi Yu to work with them on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project. Mentor support was provided by Professor Paul Palmer, Director of the MSc in Charity Fundraising and Marketing, and Dr Rob Melvill, Reader in Internal Audits and Management at City’s Cass Business School.

The Background

Established in 1827, the Printers Charitable Corporation is one of the UK’s oldest occupational charities, delivering active support for current and previous employees of the printing, graphic and communications sector. As the leading charity for the UK printing industry, the PCC provides help across the graphic arts and communications industries. It owns and runs sheltered and residential care homes and offers financial assistance to those in need.

The Challenge

To develop a new strategic approach that would improve its performance and increase its relevance to today’s print industry.

The Solution

As a direct result of the KTP, the PCC not only met the new public benefit requirements of the 2006 Charities Act, but also devised a new five-year plan to reconcile its mission with the many challenges facing voluntary sector organisations.

Steven Gilbert, the PCC's Chief Executive, said: "We've developed, test-marketed and are now implementing our new services: PCC Helps, PCC Homes, PCC Links and PCC Income. The KTP has been of immense value in planning for our future and working towards our objective of helping more people in the printing, publishing, graphic and allied trades".

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