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Business services

Student Start-up: Bow Wow London

Taro Takeuchi opened a luxury pet accessories boutique in Covent Garden after attending a ten-week short course at City. The boutique has gone from strength to strength allowing Taro the focus on business growth and stability.

The Background

The course helped Taro change his business idea in a radical way and to harness his strongest skills, including marketing and branding, budgeting, forecasting. He moved away from the original idea of an old fashioned sweet shop and went into pet accessory, something he know and loves. The store is called Bow Wow London and caters specifically for dogs.

The Challenge

Develop a solid business model that allows for Bow Wow London to thrive in its surrounding area and to focus on steady growth without the risk of loosing to competitors or economic uncertainty.

The Solution

Taro completed a ten-week short course in Stating up in Business at City. As a result, he gained the skills need to help his business flourish. Taro credits the 10-week short course for helping him re-evaluate his business structure/model to drive long term success.