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Building the Vision

Main Entrance and 240-Seat Lecture Theatre Project

The Main Entrance and Lecture Theatre project began in summer 2015. Work involves the remodelling, refurbishment and extension of the ground floor and level 1 of the University Building, and the introduction of a new 240-seat lecture theatre in place of the current Graduate Learning Centre. This main phase of work was preceded by various relocations within the site, beginning in January with the closure of Waterstones. The primary objectives of the Main Entrance project are to improve the entrance experience, functionality and visual appearance of the institution, to enhance access and circulation, and to provide a space to meet and share ideas. The project is due to complete in late 2016.

On completion, the project will provide:

  • A new ground level entrance that is open and welcoming and will connect Northampton Square to Spencer Street, improving City's relationship to the surrounding areas.
  • A new pavilion which provides a multi-purpose space and increases entrance capacity
  • Reconfigures the circulation, adding a new stair from the ground to level 1 which will create a tall open space that will provide a visual connection from the entrance foyer to the level 1 main concourse
  • A new 240-seat lecture theatre, directly accessible from the main entrance complex