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Building the Vision

Lecture Spaces Project

The Lecture Spaces Project (phase 1) created new education spaces in the lower levels of the University Building with new access routes to the main walkway (opened in September 2013). This project brings back into use redundant spaces, optimising them to create a pool of high quality teaching spaces.

Phases 2 and 3 of the project are now also open, building further capacity in the basement of our Drysdale Building. The new educational space provides a substantial number of lecture theatres and seminar rooms  that will accommodate a busy teaching programme aimed to stimulate and engage students in a collaborative learning environment.

Now at completion, the project:

  • Provides high quality academic space
  • Is flexible and adaptable to a range of teaching models
  • Brings back to use spaces that have become redundant
  • Consolidates teaching space
  • Is fully accessible with improved way finding
  • Offers co-located break out and informal social spaces
  • Maximises the use of natural light.