Building the Vision
  1. Projects
    1. Cass Executive
    2. Cass Undergraduate
    3. Gloucester Building
    4. Lecture Spaces
    5. Mechanical/Electrical Infrastructure
    6. Tait Building Lower Ground Floor
    7. Tait Building School of Health Sciences
    8. Sebastian Street
    9. CitySport, our new sports facility
    10. Tait Ground Floor Bar/Cafe Project
    11. Ashby Street Optometry Clinics Project
    12. Main Entrance and 240-Seat Lecture Theatre Project
    13. Tait Level 1 Amenity Project
    14. Drysdale Ground Floor Project
Building the Vision


nullSince early 2013 implementation of the our Estates Strategy has been taking place after months of detailed planning. These projects are the first in a series of important capital developments for City. Over the next five years many of our buildings will continue to experience major transformation. The Estates Strategy underpins our strategic aims by supporting individual School plans, providing high quality academic spaces and creating a sense of community.

Ashby Street Optometry Clinics

Remodelling and reconfiguration of Ashby Street that will provide integrated optometry facilities for the School of Health Sciences (January - July 2015). Find out more


City's brand new sport and fitness centre equipped with leading edge equipment and Olympic standard courts. Find out more

Gloucester Building

Reconfiguration and improvement of existing accommodation (March - June 2013). Find out more

Lecture Spaces (phase 1)

Creation of new education space and new vertical access routes to the University Building Level 1 walkway (April - September 2013). Find out more

Main Entrance and 240-seat Lecture Theatre

Major refurbishment underway to improve the main entrance of Northampton Square and the creation of a large lecture theatre in place of the Graduate Learning Centre (May 2015 - September 2016) . Find out more

Tait Building Lower Ground Floor

Major reconfiguration of existing space for the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering (March 2013 - February 2014). Find out more

Tait Building School of Health Sciences

A large amount of work will take place on levels two and three of Tait Building to bring clusters of specialist facilities together for the School of Health Science. Find out more

Tait Level 1 Amenity Project

The large scale re-configuration of Tait Level 1 (south elevation) to create a number of new facilities for students (May 2016 – August 2017). Find out more

Sebastian Street

Construction of a new landmark building on Sebastian Street, housing facilities for research and teaching. Find out more

Drysdale Ground Floor Project

The complete refurbishment of Drysdale ground floor providing upgraded PC labs, improved building access and new flexible study spaces. Find out more