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Building the Vision

Estates Strategy 2012-2017

City, University of London's estate is a valuable asset in the heart of London. In the coming years it must respond to a combination of legacy issues, such as loss of leased premises and a lack of student amenity provided, against a context of rising expectations. Our student population is set to grow along with academic aspirations, particularly in research.

The Estates Strategy 2012-2017 has three main aims:

  • Provide high quality academic space
  • Recreate a sense of community and place
  • Support School strategic plans.

These will be achieved by progressing two parallel strands of work:

Firstly, to create a new main entrance complex, improve circulation and expand student facilities at our Northampton Square main campus. Secondly, to establish a world class education facility on our Sebastian Street site, designed to support academic study and research.

School plans have been considered carefully and provision has been made for the accommodation of new academic staff, PhD students and research activity in a series of projects that coordinate with the above.

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