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Dimitrios Tsagalas

PhD Student

Sociology Department


PhD Title: “European integration through the press 2002-2009: Constructing European public sphere and citizenship in Greece and Cyprus”

Supervisors: Prof. Petros Iosifidis, Dr Marisol Sandoval

Brief description of research topic

My research examines the history of the European integration process and the role of the Greek and Greek-Cypriot press in the construction of European public sphere and European citizenship. With particular focus on the first decade of the century (2002-2009), I am examining certain historical EU-related events that took place in Greece and Cyprus that had social, economic and political value and influenced each of the aforementioned countries European pathway.

Research Interests

European Union politics, public sphere, media representation, journalism, European affairs, Greece, Cyprus, press.


  • MA, European Journalism Studies (Cardiff)
  • BA (Hons), Journalism (Sunderland)