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  7. Research on Work and Society
    1. Rosemary Crompton

The Cluster for Research on Work and Society

The cluster for Research and Work and Society (CROWS) brings together social scientists from various departments and schools at City, University of London, interested in the study of work.

Centre Mission and Aims

The mission of the Centre for Research on Work and Society is:

  1. to combine the expertise and capacities of researchers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines;
  2. to develop new perspectives and approaches that lead to cooperative investigation;
  3. to disseminate ideas and research findings as well generate debate and stimulate social change through regular meetings, organised events and other coordinated interventions.

Research interests

The interests of our members include

  • economic and social inequality
  • poverty
  • labour markets and careers
  • organisations
  • political economy
  • comparative analyses of work
  • work culture
  • work-life boundaries and intersections
  • identity and representation
  • the social, spatial and temporal organisation of paid and unpaid work
  • new forms and patterns of work.

Cluster leader: Dr. Gerbrand Tholen