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Jiun-Yi Wu

Department of Culture & Creative Industriesnull


Supervisor: Professor Andy C. Pratt

PhD Research: Clustering of cultural industries in Taiwan

Summary of current doctoral research:

My doctoral research discusses the clustering phenomenon in cultural industries. The research project is based in Taiwan with indigenous cases in rural districts and non-indigenous cases in cities of Taiwan. This research intends to understand the reasons of clustering, interaction and network within and the impacts of clustering in various dimensions.

Higher education and background:

  • MA-Graduate Institute of Innovation and Design, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
  • BA-Department of Social Studies Education, National Taichung University, Taiwan

Research Interests:

  • Clustering in cultural/creative industries
  • Cultural and creative industries policies
  • Cities, culture and its creative people
  • Space design and place planning
  • Cultural products design strategies.

Public Presentations and Conference Papers Given:

  1. Wu, J.Y. (2018). Clustering of Indigenous Creative Workers and Indigenous Regional Development. Presentation given at Cultural Division, Taipei Representative Office in the UK (UK)
  2. Wu, J.Y. (2018). The Prospect of Non-urban Regional Development- A Case Study of Cultural Clustering in the East Coast of Taiwan. Paper presented at Regional Studies Association Annual Conference 2018, Switzerland
  3. Wu, J.Y. (2017). Creative Hubs and Clusters in the UK and Taiwan. Presentation given at Cultural Division, Taipei Representative Office in the UK (UK)
  4. Wu, J.Y. (2016). Clustering and the Impacts on Creative Workers: A Case Study of Taipei. Paper presented at International Conference on Cultural Policy, Research, Seoul, South Korea
  5. Wu, J.Y. (2012). A Study of Taiwan’s Indigenous Craftsmen’s Cognitions Towards Cultural Products. Paper (poster) presented at International Conference on Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research, Penghu, Taiwan
  6. Wu, J.Y. (2012). A Study of Innovation and Design of Taiwan’s Indigenous Pattern. Paper presented at 17th CID Annual Design Conference, Taichung, Taiwan
  7. Wu, J.Y. (2011). A Study of Cultural Product Design - Using Amis Harvest Festival as Design Elements. Paper presented at 2011 International Conference of Innovation & Design, Taipei, Taiwan