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40th Anniversary

Celebrating 40 years of Cultural and Creative Industries at City University London


2016 marks 40 years of education and research into the cultural and creative industries at City, University of London. Our first postgraduate diploma in Arts Administration was launched in the mid 1970s and featured an innovative combination of detailed study, industry secondments and close collaboration with the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Today we house the first BA Cultural and Creative Industries to be launched in the UK and the internationally-renowned Cultural Policy and Management MA. Our PhD students from our Cultural and Creative Industries continue to produce outstanding and innovative intellectual work.

There have been many changes since the 1970s. UK Higher Education has become an altogether different place. In the academic year 1970-71, there were 621,000 students at University; while in 2007-08 there were 2.5 million students in Higher Education in the UK.

During the years we have also experienced changes: moving through a range of differently-named courses and titles, from Arts Policy and Management to Cultural Policy, Creative Enterprise, to Cultural and Creative Industries.

What has remained consistent is our concern to connect intellectual activity with real-world practice, the rigour and innovation of our degree programmes, the care and attention we give to our students, the enthusiasm and success of our graduates, and our determination to ensure that we make a vital contribution to contemporary culture. These strengths continue.

We hope to see you over the coming year at some of our events. We look forward to hearing your stories and sharing memories. Here’s to our current and past students and colleagues. Happy Birthday!

The Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries staff team