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City Food Symposium 2015

“UK, Food and Europe: The food implications of Brexit”

On 14th December 2015, the Centre for Food Policy at City University London held its annual Food Symposium on the food and agricultural implications of the UK potentially leaving the EU.

The all-day event, jointly organised by the Food Research Collaboration with support from the Worshipful Company of Cooks, a Livery Company of the City of London, incorporated a number of high profile presentations from specialists working for business, civil society organisations across a wide range of disciplines.

The vote on whether Britain stays in or exits the EU is due by the end of 2017, but could be as early as 2016. The Symposium looked dispassionately at the question: what light can be cast on the implications for food of the UK leaving the EU? It asked, what is the current EU-UK food relationship? Has EU membership been good for food, agriculture and the rest of the food supply chain? Is the EU good for consumers, health and environment? What interests dominate EU food debates and actions?

Considering these and other questions, the 2015 Symposium aimed to:

  • Summarise current thinking on the UK, EU and implications of Brexit for food and agriculture
  • Assess the role of different sectors and actors in the coming debate
  • Clarify current food and agricultural policy at UK, EU, global and local levels
  • Suggest ways forward.

It was chaired by Professor Tim Lang and widely judged a successful event with many delegates largely from academia and civil society organisations, as well as government, media and the food industry who heard presentations from 13 distinguished speakers for which the videos and PowerPoints are provided on this page.

UK, Food and Europe: The food implications of Brexit

Brexit and Food: Some Opening Thoughts – Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University London (Chair) (PDF)

Session 1: The Issues

  1. Alan Swinbank: Emeritus Professor, Reading University (PDF)
  2. Peter Backman: Managing Director, Horizons FS (PDF)
  3. Ian Wright: Director General, Food & Drink Federation
  4. Martin Haworth: Acting Director General, National Farmers Union (PDF)
  5. Kate Trollope: Editor, EU Food Policy (PDF)

Session 2: More Tricky Issues

  1. Jenny Morris: Chartered Inst of Environmental Health / TIFSIP (PDF)
  2. Erik Millstone: Director of Science Policy, University of Sussex (PDF)
  3. Geof Rayner: Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Food Policy (PDF)
  4. David Baldock: Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy (PDF)
  5. Andrew Jarvis: Executive Director, ICF International (PDF)

Session 3: The Public Interest

  1. Andrew Curry: Director, The Futures Company (PDF)
  2. Peter Stevenson: Chief Policy Advisor, CIWF (PDF)
  3. Pete Ritchie: Director, Nourish Scotland