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City Food Symposium 2014

On 15th December 2014, the Centre for Food Policy at City University London organised a symposium to debate about Sustainable Diets: what is a C 21st good diet and what needs to happen?

The all-day event, jointly organised by the Food Research Collaboration with support from the Worshipful Company of Cooks, a Livery Company of the City of London, incorporated a number of high profile presentations from civil society organisations, academia and those working with business.

The Symposium aimed to to summarise current thinking on how to address the challenge of sustainable diets and considered the different approaches taken by key sectors and actors in the current policy context at UK, EU, global and local levels.

It was chaired by Professor Tim Lang and widely judged a successful event with 240 delegates largely from academia and civil society organisations, as well as government, media and the food industry who heard presentations from 18 distinguished speakers whose presentations (video and powerpoints) are provided on this page.

Sustainable Diets: what is a C 21st good diet and what needs to happen?

Session 1: Mapping a sustainable diet: the case, the lessons so far

1. Tim Benton (PDF)

2. Tara Garnett (PDF)

3. Jennie Macdiarmid (PDF)

4. Peter Scarborough (PDF)

Session 2: Addressing the problem at national State level

5. Corne van Dooren (PDF)

6. Lucia Reisch (PDF)

7. Dr Patricia Jaime (please see video)

Session 3: Addressing the problem at City/ Regional level

8. Leah Davis & Rosie Boycott (PDF)

9. Tom Curtis & Julian Cottee (PDF)

10. Mike Small (PDF)

Session 4: Addressing the problem through civil society

11. Tony Long (please see video)12. Sue Dibb (PDF)

13. Sue Davis (PDF)

Session 5: Addressing the problem through business

14. Mark Barthel (PDF)

15. Jon Woolven (please see video)

16. Mark Linehan (PDF)

17. Joanna Lewis (PDF)

Grand Lecture

18. Olivier de Schutter (PDF)