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Research and enterprise

Research governance

The School of Arts & Social Sciences has a Research Committee which oversees local research development. It meets three times during the academic year and is chaired by the Associate Dean for Research.

Research integrity

City  has an agreed Governance Framework for Good Practice in Research which applies to all staff and students who are engaged in or support research activity.

The Framework is designed to establish and promote a code of good practice in the conduct of research, to encourage members of City to maintain the highest achievable standards in their research conduct, to ensure that the quality of research conducted by members at City is safeguarded and to document the procedure for investigating allegations of misconduct. The code of practice also aims to conform as far as possible with equivalent codes produced by individual funding bodies.

A copy of the policy is available on the staff hub.

New research projects

The School requires all research involving human participants and identifiable personal data to undergo formal ethical peer approval. This encompasses all research undertaken in the School, whether funded or not, and includes any research undertaken as part of an educational programme.

Guidance is also available for staff and students.