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Saoirse Connor Desai, Psychology student and Chair of the Psychology Society

In this short interview, Saoirse tells us about her experiences with the student-led Psychology Society at City

What made you join the Psychology Society?

I was a student rep, and kept wanting to try and organise more interesting things for psychology students so joined the Society. Actually, there was not a proper society when I joined and I aimed to turn it into one (I mean one that is recognised by the SU). I really hoped to be able to organise some guest speakers and social events and also promote some sort of integration between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years - also providing some sort of support network.

What's your role?

My role at the moment is generally the chair, treasurer and general organiser of things. There is one other member who helps with organisation and promotion. I contact guest speakers and organise social events for the members.

What have you got out being involved so far?

It has meant that I have got to meet some interesting people (speakers and the other students on my course). It's also given me a lot more confidence in interacting with various different people: students, academics, staff and other societies. I have had a lot of fun and gotten to share my enthusiasm for psychology with my peers! It has also provided me with some useful skills in project management and interpersonal skills that will be useful either at work or further study. It shows that you are motivated when you aren't being forced to be and employers seem to like that.

What kind of activities do you organise?

Thus far, we have had several movie nights, one guest speaker, several social events at local pubs (i.e. end of term/end of exam drinks), pub quizzes and a games night. I know one other member is currently trying to organise a trip to the cinema to see a film as well. We did also have a debate on sexuality - whether it is nature or nurture. The majority of people that turned up were from the LGBT society and this made for a very interesting discussion.

What's your most memorable moment?

Most memorable moment I think was doing a pub quiz last year with the academics! That was a source of much hilarity. The talk on Juror Decision Making was also pretty good though.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining?

Well if you have a genuine interest in your subject it will mean you get to share that with your peers. You will also gain interpersonal and project management skills whilst demonstrating your motivation - as mentioned before, this is pretty useful for further study or employment. You can organise some really fun events for your peers and get to know people you wouldn't otherwise. I guess as well, the academic staff get to know who you are which is generally not a bad thing.