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Staff research interests

  • Dr Newton Armstrong - Composition; improvisation; issues of human agency and embodiment in digital performance practices; interfaces between instrumental and electroacoustic resources; interdisciplinarity and collaborative process.
  • Dr Aaron Einbond - Composition for instruments and interactive electronics; sound installation, field recording, and site-specific performance; Music Information Retrieval and Big Data; noise and computer improvisation; timbre and space.
  • Professor Stephen Cottrell - ethnographic approaches to musicians and music-making, particularly within the Western classical tradition; the study of musical instruments, particularly the saxophone; the study and analysis of musical performance, including using computational methods.
  • Dr Alexander Lingas - Music and liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church; especially Byzantine chant; music and identity in contemporary Eastern Europe and the Balkans; diaspora studies; modern Greek song; music and liturgy; philosophies and theologies of music; performance practice.
  • Dr Shay Loya - Liszt; exoticism, nationalism and modernism in the nineteenth century; transculturation; transcription as cultural practice; music analysis and theory.
  • Dr Claudia Molitor: Composition; Sound Art; Expanded notation; Interdisciplinary practices; Collaborative practices; Phenomenology of Listening
  • Dr Miguel Mera - Composition for the moving image; film, television and videogame sound; contemporary instrumental, electronic and digital music; popular music; collaborative processes in music creation.
  • Dr Laudan Nooshin - Creative processes in music, especially Iranian classical music; Iranian traditional and popular musics; music and youth culture in Iran; music and cultural identity; music, power and ideology; globalisation, post/neo-colonialism, Orientalism and the politics of representation; music and gender, with particular reference to contemporary women musicians in Iran; music and Iranian cinema.
  • Ian Pace - 19th and 20th century music history, historiography and aesthetics; the Western avant-garde, especially in Germany; music-theatre; historical performance practice and pedagogy; the orchestra and other musical institutions; contemporary performance; music and society; Marxist aesthetics; critical and comparative musicology.
  • Dr Tullis Rennie: Ethnography in sound; Music and Identity , Narratives of Field Recording; Sampling cultures; Participative approaches to Sound Art