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Owen Green

PhD student

Centre for Music Studies


Title of thesis: Electroacoustic Composition

Supervisors: Dr Newton Armstrong and Professor Peter Nelson (University of Edinburgh)

Overview and research interests

Practice research into composing for live electronic improvising. The project will deliver a portfolio of compositions for digitally mediated performance with a focus on adaptivity and promoting attentive improvisatory interaction between performers. The accompanying dissertation contextualises the portfolio work through a theoretical framework based on ideas from critical theory, embodied cognition and pragmatic philosophy.

  • Live electronic music
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Philosophies of music technology and performance
  • Interaction
  • Signal processing

Owen has an MA in Electroacoustic Composition from City University London and a BSc in Audio Technology from the University of Salford.



  • 2011, 'Live and Algorithmic', Seminar on Analysis of Electroacoustic Music, Leicester De Monfort University
  • 2010 'Leading Separate Lives: On the Musical Distinctions, Between People, Other People and Thing', Symposium Two Thousand + Ten, SARC, Queen's University, Belfast
  • 2010, 'Agility and Playfulness', Research Seminar, Department of Music, University of East Anglia, Norwich
  • 2009 'Getting the Hang of It/You/Us/Here: Towards Agile Practice in Electroacoustic Music', Connecting Research Seminar, RSAMD, Glasgow
  • 2007, 'Technology and Ethics in Electroacoustic Music', Music and/as Right Action Conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich
  • 2006, 'More than 'Just a Hammer': Critical Techniques in Electroacoustic Practice', SoundAsArt Conference, University of Aberdeen


  • 2007 - MSc Sound Design, University of Edinburgh


Owen has a research blog