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Karin Weissenbrunner


Department of Music


PhD Title: Experimental Turntablism - Live Performances with Second Hand Technology – Analysis and Methodological Considerations

Supervisors: Dr Newton Armstrong and Prof Miguel Mera

Research interests

  • Experimental & Electronic Music
  • Media and Sound Art
  • Performance Art
  • Materiality and Mechanics of Instruments
  • DIY Instrument
  • Analysis of Electronic Music

Higher educational background

  • Magistra Artium (Master's degree) in Musicology, Audio Communication & Technical Acoustics at Technical University Berlin, Germany.

Public presentations and conference papers given

  • February 2018 'Experimental Turntablism, an introduction at Forthwith Festival, Winnipeg (CA)
  • July 2017 ‘Rhythmic patterns from Turntables and Records’ at Dual Sessions 2017 – Symposium für Hörkultur, St. Georgen (DE)
  • January 2017 ‘Sounds of Fear in Vinyl -terror & -horror’s performances’ at the Research Networking Day at CTM Festival FEAR ANGER LOVE, co-organised by Humboldt University Berlin (DE)
  • May 2016 ‘Joke Lanz is spinning the records – Analysis and graphical representation of an improvised concert of Experimental Turntablism’ at ISEA 2016 Cultural Revolution (HK)
  • January 2016 ‘Performances of Experimental Turntablism’, guest speaker at the Turntable Music Symposium 2016, University of Northampton (UK)
  • December 2015 ‘Graphische Repräsentation mit EAnalysis – Zwischen Instrument und Analyse’ (graphical representation with EAnalysis – between instrument and analysis) at the workshop Instrumente der Aufführungsanalyse, DFG research project ‘ÜberReste. Strategien des Bleibens in den darstellenden Künsten’, Free University Berlin (DE)
  • October 2013 ‘Noise, Objects and Notation – Analysis of an improvised turntable concert by Ignaz Schick’ at Noise in and as Music Symposium at University of Huddersfield, Centre for Research in New Music (UK)
  • February 2010 ‘Die Geschichte und Entwicklung des Turntablismus (The History and Evolution of Turntablism)’ at Symposium for the society of music research, Gesellschaft für Musikforschung - GfM in Berlin (DE).

Published Papers

  • Weissenbrunner, K. (2016). Joke Lanz is spinning the records – Analysis and graphical representation of an improvised concert of Experimental Turntablism. In Leino, O. T. (Ed.) ISEA 2016 Hong Kong Cultural R>evolution: Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art. (pp. 356-359). Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong.


  • Weissenbrunner, K. (March 2015) Guest Editor, "Subsersive Qualities in Experimental Practices" (in CEC – eContact!, Vol 16.4) From
  • Weissenbrunner, K. (January 2013). Experimental Turntablism: Historical overview of experiments with record players / records — or Scratches from Second-Hand Technology. CEC – eContact!, 14.3. Retrieved from
    (Invited Republication in Spanish:) Weissenbrunner, K. (March 2016) Turntablism Experimental – Perspectiva histórica de experimentos con tocadiscos / discos – O scratches de tecnología de segunda mano. Oro Molido magazine 42. From

Teaching Experience

  • 2015 - 2016 Music, Sound and the Environment (UG)
  • 2014 - 2016 Investigating Western Music 1: Music from 1500-1850 (UG) & Investigating Western Music 2: Music and musical Life 1848-2001 (UG)