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Karin Weissenbrunner

PhD student

Department of Music


PhD Title: Live Performances with Second Hand Technology – Analysis and methodological considerations

Supervisors: Dr Newton Armstrong and Dr Miguel Mera

Overview and research interests

Technology, multi-media events and virtual realities are omnipresent in our daily life. They surround us with simulations of another here and now. Such mediated worlds influence our perception and compete with ‘reality’. In the movement Experimental Turntablism, sound artists reflect such media illusions by using the turntable as an instrument in improvised concerts. The turntables and vinyl records have hybrid features and can be used as a medium or as material things. As a result of this encounter, the media reality enters into a dialogue with the material reality of the medium itself and the here and now of the performance. The study focuses on this dialogue in the analysis of three case studies featuring Joke Lanz, Graham Dunning and Vinyl Terror & Horror. In this research, a methodology for improvised performances and individual turntable instruments is developed, including video recordings as well as interactive graphical transcriptions.

Research interests

  • Experimental & Electronic Music
  • Media and Sound Art
  • Performance Art
  • Materiality and Mechanics of Instruments
  • DIY Instrument
  • Analysis of Electronic Music

Higher educational background

  • 2004 – 2010 Magister Artrium (Master's degree) in Musicology, Audio Communication & Technical Acoustics at Technical University Berlin, Germany.
  • 2008 – 2010 Student Research assistant in the Emmy Noether Programme of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ‘History of Listening‘ at Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, Germany.
  • Jul. 2008 – Sept. 2008 Internship at IRCAM – Institut de Recherche et Coordination d’Acoustique/Musique Paris in the research group ‘On Line Service Team’ within the framework of  CASPER – Cultural, Artistic & Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access & Retrieval.

Public presentations and conference papers given

  • "Sounds of Fear in Vinyl -terror & -horror’s performances", presentation at CTM-Festival Research Networking Day FEAR ANGER LOVE co-organised by Humboldt University’s Department of Musicology in Berlin, Jan. 2017.
  • Joke Lanz is spinning the records – Analysis and graphical representation of an improvised concert of Experimental Turntablism”, short paper presentation at ISEA 2016 Cultural Revolution, Hong Kong, May 2016.
  • "Performances of Experimental Turntablism” guest talk for ‘Subject Futures Week’ at the University of Northampton, UK, Jan. 2016.
  • "Graphische Repräsentation mit EAnalysis – Zwischen Instrument und Analyse”, presentation at the Workshop ‘Instrumente der Aufführungsanalyse’ [instruments of performance analysis], at the Institute for Theater Studies, Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), at DFG research project ÜberReste. Strategien des Bleibens in den darstellenden Künsten, Dec. 2015.
  • "Noise, Objects and Notation – Analysis of an improvised turntable concert by Ignaz Schick”, Noise in and as Music Symposium at University of Huddersfield, UK. Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM), Oct. 2013.“The History and Evolution of Turntablism”, Symposium for the society of music research, Gesellschaft für Musikforschung - GfM in Berlin, Germany, Feb. 2010.
  • “The History and Evolution of Turntablism”, Symposium for the society of music research, Gesellschaft für Musikforschung - GfM in Berlin, Germany, Feb. 2010.



  • 2014 - 2016 Reading Classes in the Module Investigating Western Music (UG)
  • 2015 - 2016 Noise, lecture in the Module Music, Sound and the Environment (UG)