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Our students

Student insight

null“My experience as a Music student at City has been a positive one, in every aspect. Not only have I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with talented fellow students from all backgrounds, but I also feel fortunate to be taught by world-class lecturers whose careers in performance, composition and research are powerful sources of inspiration. As a performer and a composer, available and well-equipped facilities are a crucial factor and the practice rooms, the Mac labs and the studios, have been always easy to book and access. This, together with being in the hub of London, creates an environment conducive to learning. I am very excited about going to the United States as an exchange student for the academic year this coming September." Carolina Herrera

null“I was initially attracted to City because of the vast array of different modules on offer. You could really tailor the course to your interests, from music in 20th century dictatorships to pop music of the present day, or from music of the Middle East to Javanese gamelan. During my time at City I also found the levels of academic support to be outstanding; tutorials and staff office hours were a huge help to my work. I also took advantage of the exciting ensembles on offer, taking part in gamelan, African drumming, samba and choir. I enjoyed City so much I even decided to stay on for an additional postgraduate year!” Rachel Cunniffe

Student work

Listen to a selection of student work created both as part of their undergraduate studies as well as under their own steam.

  • Vincent Ott - Mobile (1’00”)
  • Vincent Ott - Elastic Crystals (4’00”)
  • Olivia Harris - 1000 (4’00”)
  • Olivia Harris - Composition (4’00”)
  • Lili-Ann Mangan - Here’s What Our Parents Never Taught Us (3’00”)
  • Tom Overton - Study  [One Second Sound] (1’00”)
  • Catherine Smith - Study [Unprocessed Sound] (3’00”)
  • The Wild Violets - A Place to Be

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