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Stephanie Knight

Department of Journalism


PhD Title: Translating children’s crime fiction – genre-specific challenges and their impact on translation strategies

Supervisor(s): Dr Karen Seago and Dr Julie Wheelwright

Brief description of research topic

I am currently researching the translation of children’s crime fiction from English into German. My focus is on the challenge that genre-specific characteristics pose to a translator and which strategies the translator uses to negotiate these challenges. 

Research Interests

Children's literature, children's crime fiction, translation studies, women's studies


  • MA in Translation Studies from City University London in 2012 (Title of dissertation: 'From private eye to child detective: hard-boiled fiction for younger readers')
  • MA in English Studies (Victorian Studies) from University of Exeter in 2003 (Title of dissertation: 'Travels of the Mind: 19th-Century Women Travellers in Africa')