1. Centre for Competition & Regulatory Policy

Presentations from the 13th CCRP workshop 2012

The following is a selection of presentations from the 13th CCRP Winter Workshop in Competition and Regulatory Policy, held on Friday 20 January 2012 at the Department of Economics, City University London

Javier Asensio: Regional retail regulation and supermarket entry in Spain

Volodymyr Bilotkach and Juergen Mueller: Supply side substitutability and potential market power of airports: case of Amsterdam Schiphol

Alexandre Carbonnel: Collusion in the market for generics

Bernardo Rangoni: A contribution on the regulation of electricity storage: the case of hydro-pumped storage in Italy and Spain

Thomas Hoehn and Zafeira Kastrinaki: Broadcasting and sport: value drivers of TV right deals in European football

Manos Kitsios: Credit, bankruptcy law and bank market structure

Helen Weeds: The impact of price squeeze rules and margin regulation