Economics of Language and Identity

Javier Ortega does research on the economics of languages and identity, with past papers published in 4* or 3* journals such as the Journal of the European Economic Association or the Journal of Population Economics. Past papers in this project studied the political economy of the organisation of education in multilingual countries (see Ortega and Tangerås, 2008) and the assimilation of immigrants in Canada (see Ortega and Verdugo, 2015).

More recent research (with Esther Hauk) models the link between nation-building, industrialisation and mass schooling, which was first identified by anthropologist Ernest Gellner, and incorporates the role of political elites and institutions as argued by historian John Breuilly; it then studies whether the predictions of the model fit the late 19th century nation-building processes in France and Spain.

Subject: Political Economy

Academic: Dr Javier Ortega